9F Lobby -image-

A common space for residents to mingle and interact with one another, with a fantastic view from the outdoor terrace.

4F Apartment -image-

All the designs and furnishings for modern living. For people looking for rentals of at least one month and above.


Desks, chairs and drawers are the normal items seen in a workplace, but SOHO comes with a sofa bed too so the length and the hour of your productive working hours is no longer of a concern.

  • Size 15.8㎡~20.5㎡
  • Rent 129,000 yen ~ 180,000 yen
  • Contract period: 1 month ~


Comes fully equipped with all the furniture you need for modern living, especially suited for people looking for rentals of at least one month and above. With no need for addition or change of the tasteful interior furnishing and design, there is no simpler way to hit the ground running as the ample spaces are suitable for both living in, and working-from-home in.

  • Size 18.8㎡ ~ 40.1㎡
  • Rent 142,000 yen ~ 328,000 yen
  • Contract period: 1 month ~

Premium Office

Have your own pick of interior design and furnishing in a location with superior accessibility, bustling with new business ideas from exciting tenants. Full business support is available, including exciting shared spaces in the lobby and meeting rooms for more serious discussion matters.

  • Size 20.5㎡ ~ 48.2㎡
  • Rent 167,000 yen ~ 365,000 yen
  • Contract Period: 2 years

Service Office

Live and work at the same location! Comes with furniture (desk, chair and shelves) with Wireless LAN for easy connectivity. Ideal for startups and special projects.

  • Size 14.6㎡ ~ 18.7㎡
  • Rent 119,000 yen ~ 175,000 yen
  • Contract period: 1 month ~

Share Office

4 fixed workspaces with 2 types of dynamic workspaces (consisting 8 each). You would be able to proudly call yourself a part of the workforce in the prestigious “Chiyoda-ku” district! With common spaces available for brainstorming and meeting of new people, creativity is never hindered, while meeting rooms are also available for your use for a nominal fee.

  • Usage fee per month
  • Free desk 20,000yen(tax excluded)
  • Fixed desk 45,000 yen(tax excluded)

Public &Service

Please click here to learn more about shared spaces and services offered

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